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Posted on May 22, 2014 in Politic | 2 comments

Un articol scris de bunul meu amic Matt Browne care merita citit


  1. D-na. Birchall, cum vedeti diversitatea credintelor religioase in aceasta Europa Unita?

  2. @Ana Birchall
    Dar Dvs. cum va explicati cresterea acestui curent populist antieuropean, caci va citez din articolul prezentat de Dvs.:

    “Instead, Europe is in a mess — and the future of the European Union seems in doubt.
    European Parliament political groups have decided to use the Lisbon Treaty for a power grab, interpreting a vague commitment about political direction as their right to nominate and impose candidates for president of the European Commission. Yet the real winners in this week’s election are likely to be the anti-European populists now calling for a dissolution of Europe.”

    Cum va explicati fenomenul asta?


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