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Posted on ian. 11, 2012 in Politic | 0 comments

Can America Emulate Germany’s Economic Success?

…se intreaba un bun amic Matt Browne. Un articol pe care il recomand

Here, much could be learnt from German experience and practice. Germany has weathered the current economic storm better than most. Unemployment is at historically low levels, and Germany’s manufacturing industry is a world leader with a growing trade surplus. Despite the looming Eurozone crisis, on a visit to Berlin organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung -in December last year, union and business leaders as well as government officials seemed serenely calm and optimistic about their economic and political future, as Ezra Klein noted. This is a dramatic turn around from where the nation found itself just over a decade ago, when many were characterizing the country as the sick-man of Europe.



  1. Can America Emulate Germany’s Economic Success? « | Platforma de comentarii, bloguri si opinii - [...] intreaba un bun amic Matt Browne. Un articol pe care il [...]


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