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Posted on feb. 24, 2012 in Personal, Politic | 1 comment

After the Third Way: Progressive Alternatives to European Austerity

In Europe, two competing approaches are emerging: one that operates within the confines of the recent Eurozone stability pact; a second that seeks to provide an alternative to it. The first is epitomized by a new generation of modernizers such as the Danish Social Democrat Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, elected in September last year, and the leader of the Romanian Social Democrats, Victor Ponta, who goes to the polls in November. Both favor a cautious political strategy that combines a formal coalition with progressive partners to assure a broad base of electoral support with a targeted reform agenda to spur business growth and trigger government reform. The second is embodied in François Hollande’s candidacy to become President of France. This strategy is based on mobilizing broad support for the socialists by securing their left flank with promises to increase investment in economic growth and reform Europe’s stability pact into growth pactscrie Matt Browne  intr-un articol pe care il recomand.

1 Comment


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